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    Cray Online guide Empty Cray Online guide

    Post by Ventus on Mon May 20, 2013 2:45 am

    Hey guys this a guide on how to use cray online so please be sure to try it out.

    First go to that link scroll down and look at the links it says downloads. Now if u have windows and have not dled cray online yet then your gonna do full dl. The installation is just the same as any other program. Now after that your gonna wanna go into ur programs and look for cray online. If this is ur first dl it should be cray online thats the newest one.When you run the program it bring yo to the deck editor. Ill let you play around with that yourself. But ill shall tell you this there should be 2 tabs the top says file game and help then theres a bottom with buttons. Dont mind that seeing as the file button has them in there. Now onto the game tab the game tab has 4 buttons connect,listen,test and rooms. Test is where you can test the consistancy of ur deck. Rooms is what cfa copied from cray online. Listen is for players who are hosting a game and connect is for people to join,

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