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    Post by Guardian on Sun Dec 02, 2012 6:08 pm

    Hey guys I'm your Headmaster and I'm here to present you with this user guide the user guide will explain the simple things like what to do after u sign up where to start. And also what the game currency is and how do use it along with some of the other neat features we have available at the moment so lets get started!

    Part 1 Getting Started
    Okay so now that you got your account activated I'm going to show you what you do next. But first i bet your wondering why u had to activate it well that way we can send out mass emails. And inform you of any events to come. Well with that said since your done with that you probably went and decided to read this guide. So ya what your going to do is go over to the section that say introduction and farewells and click on it. After that u should see the lost of all the members who have already posted there introductions. You can reply to them after you make yours your gonna want to look for the button that says new topic and click on it. After that there will be 2 boxes that show up a little 1 and a big 1. If you didn't know the small 1 will be the name of the topic and the big 1 is your body so name the topic what ever you want it to be. Then write your intro in the body. After that you going to want to click the Vanguard logo on the top of the page to bring you back to the front page and then look for Factions there are 3 factions Twilight Dawn,Blazing sun And last Eternal Abyss feel free to pick the 1 you want to be in there are no restrictions. And you will do the same you click on the Faction name then click no topic this will be your room so you name the topic you room and the body is what ever you want.

    Part 2 Currency
    The main Currency of the site is BP stands for battle points you can earn BP in various ways. One of the main ways to acquire BP is through the arena if 2 players from this forum agree to an arena fight u can do 1 of 2 arena fights. A single for 50 BP and best 2/3 for 75 BP. You can also earn BP through tournaments the top 3 earn BP depending on the amount of people. BP can be used for deck shops or GFX shops at the moment but hope for more shops to come.

    Part 3 Main Events
    Lastly its time for the main events the best this forum has to offer. We have a fully working trading thread which is between the players only. Fair game now this academy is not responsible for any cards lost or anything. We can only ban people there is also a bar on there profile which u can like or dislike for trades. We also have inner teams i bet your probably like who cares Neus has teams 2 well that's perfectly fine the teams here are for forum use only so don't worry. We also offer Role plays and Daily to weekly tournaments so check that out. Along with the famous Faction Wars.

    Well that's about it for the guide so enjoy your stay

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