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    Post by Black Admiral Dreadnaught on Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:26 pm

    Chapter 1: The match is lit.
    “… And with these parting words, I wish you new students the best of luck with your studies here at Vanguard Academy.” An elderly man with a gray goatee walked off the stage after finishing his speech. The crowd shuffled out into the courtyard of a large school, students busily rushing around campus, heading from class to class.

    “This school is way too crowded…” thought a pink haired girl wearing a tank-top and shorts. Her boots made a clunking noise as they met the ground. Attached to her upper thigh was a deck box with the US Marines logo etched into it. Her hair was tied into a tight ponytail, with two locks hanging on either side of her face. “Now where was my classroom again?” She pulled out a school map, looking it over quickly. “Aha, room 435, got it.” As she was folding her map up a group of older boys began to surround her.

    “Hey guys, look at what we got here, a cute freshmen!” said one boy with greasy hair and crooked glasses.

    “Yeah! She’s really cute! Her tits are pretty big too!” another boy in the group, this one fat with a greasy face reached out towards her chest. The look on her face remained expressionless, her hand poised to snap the fat kids hands.

    “What do you guys think you’re doing?” came a voice from behind the group.

    “Uh! Nothing!” shouted one of the boys, turning around to see a skinny kid, with medium length black hair. “Oh, it’s just another freshmen, get out of here kid.” The new kid stepped forward, peering into the circle, seeing a girl with an expression of quiet hatred.

    “Doesn’t look like nothing.” Said the boy, breaking the circle and dragging the girl out. “You okay?”

    “Trust me, I’m fine.” She responds coldly. “These losers decided to encircle me, probably hoping I wouldn’t scream or anything.”

    “Really? That’s kinda a pathetic.” Scoffed the black haired freshmen. “I’m Everest by the way, Everest Leoheart.” His English accent permeating through his Japanese.

    “Roxanne, Roxanne Smith.” Replied the girl, completely ignoring the boys from before, who had snuck off to avoid suspicion. “But I was doing just fine, I wasn’t in any trouble at all.” Everest shrugged in response.

    “So, what clan do you use? I use Oracle Think Tank.”

    “Tachikaze, a gift from my father.” She continued curtly. “If you don’t mind I have to get to class.”

    “O-Okay, I’ll see you around.” Said Everest, watching her walk off quickly. “Man, what’s her problem?” He shrugged it off and headed to class. The room was a large auditorium, filled will what seemed to be all freshmen. He looked around for an open seat, spotting one near a pink haired girl. “Hey, it’s Roxanne!” he thought, letting himself fall into the seat next to her “What’s up! Didn’t think we’d have class together.”

    “Not this joker again.” She silently rolled her eyes, giving him the smallest of acknowledgements, as the teacher walked in to begin the lecture. About midway through class the back door to the classroom creaks open, everyone turning their heads to see a boy with messy brown hair shoved into a back and green hat. His half zipped up jacked showed his green shirt underneath, his dark blue jeans falling beneath his shoes.

    “Hello, and can you tell us why you’re late, you didn’t get lost did you?” asked the teacher, stopping his lecture.

    “No, I didn’t get lost, I knew where I was going.” Replied the boy. “I just really didn’t want to come.” The class laughed at the boys words.

    “Well, can I get your name?” responded the teacher, a bit flustered.

    “Matt Barker. Nice to meet you.” He said, finding a seat at the back of the class.

    “Mr. Barker, would you care to have a demonstrative fight with me for the class?” asked the teacher, holding back a bit of anger.

    “I’d like not to embarrass the teacher on the first day of class, so, no thanks.” Replied Matt, waving off the teacher like a fly, the class erupting in laughter.

    “Show your elders some respect!” shouted Roxanne, standing up in a hurry.

    “Who the hell are you?” said Matt with a little laugh. “The teacher’s pet on the first day? You sure don’t waste any time.”

    “Easy both of you!” commanded the teacher. If you’re going to fight, fight with your cards, not your fists.” The two walked to the front of the classroom, setting their cards up on the teacher’s desk, the rest of the class crowding around them.

    “Stand up! The Vanguard!” called the two, flipping their cards up.

    “Lizard Soldier! Conroe!” shouted Matt, Roxanne flipping over Dragon Egg.

    “I’ll go first.” Said Roxanne “I ride Sonic Noah, and move Dragon Egg to a rear guard circle. Your turn.”

    “I draw, and ride Embodiment of Armor, Bahr, I move Conroe to a rear guard and call Iron Tail Dragon behind the Vanguard. With a boost from Iron Tail, Bahr attacks!” With a no guard signal from Roxanne, Matt proceeded to drive check. “Critical trigger, I give all the effects to my Vanguard.” Roxanne damage checked the top two cards of her deck, beginning her turn.

    “I ride Ravenous Dragon, Megarex! I call Assault Dragon, Blightops and Pterodactyl Dragon Skyptera! With a boost from Skyptera, Blightops attacks!” Matt allowed the attack, taking a damage. “Now, Megarex attacks.” She checked the top card of her deck, “Draw trigger. I give the power to my Vanguard, and I draw a card.” Matt took another damage and began his turn.

    “I ride Blazing Core Dragon, and call Gatling Claw Dragon!” said Matt, beginning his play.

    “Uh oh, he’s set up for a superior call on his second turn, how good is this kid?” thought the teacher.

    “Counter blast! I move Iron Tail and Gatling Claw to the soul, and search for a Blazing Flare Dragon. Your burning flame embodies everything that is hatred, arise and decimate the land! Superior Ride! Blazing Flare Dragon! Call! Dragonic Overlord, Embodiment of Armor, Bahr, and Heatnail Salamander!” The entire class let out gasps of awe at the newly refreshed field, stocked with Grade 3s.

    “With a boost from Salamander! Blazing Flare Dragon attacks!”

    “I only have two damage so… No guard!” called Roxanne after some deliberation. Matt turned over the first card from his deck.

    “Critical Trigger. I the critical to my Vanguard, and the power to my Dragonic Overlord. Next check… Critical Trigger. Same as last time.” Roxanne flipped over three damage, a look of worry on her face.

    “I… I can’t guard, I don’t have enough shields…” she stared at her hand, which contained two Tyrant Deathrex’s and a Pterodactyl Skyptera.

    “I should have called final turn, would have been much more fun. With a boost from Salamander, Overlord attacks.” Roxanne hung her head in defeat as her last card revealed no trigger. “Tch. I would have at least hoped you would have given me a challenge, with that kind of talk.” Said Matt, walking out of the class room, leaving Roxanne with the rest of the class. “So this is why you sent me here, father? To fight against weak opponents who can’t last more than two turns? Loving father you are.”

    “H-hey Roxanne, it’s alright, everyone has a bad game.” Said Everest, placing a hand on her shoulder, “His personality, I don’t think he has any fun, all I can see in him when he fights is hatred, for what I don’t know.” He thought, walking out of the classroom as the teacher dismissed class. He continued to stay in deep thought as he slammed into a girl in the hallway “Oh, I’m sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going!” said Everest, helping the girl up. Her shoulder length hair bouncing as he got to her feet, Her bright green eyes hid by her dulled eye lids.

    “It’s alright, not like I was going anywhere important anyways. I’m Zell Pendragon”

    “Everest Leoheart.” He said, shaking her hand. “So, you a freshmen too?” she responded with a nod, walking out into the sun. Her pale skin almost glowing in the reflection. “So, what brings you here, Mountain Man?”

    “Mountain Man?” Everest laughed at the quirky name.

    “Mountain Man, your name’s Everest, you’re named after a mountain, Mountain Man.” She gave a smile. Everest looked over to see Matt sitting under a tree, looking like he was sleeping.

    “Hey! Matt!” he called. The boy responded with a raised eyebrow.

    “Do I know you?” he retorted quickly.

    “We’re in the same class. That was one hell of a fight.”

    “Thanks, I guess.”

    “Hey, you guys wanna go grab some lunch? I’m hungry.” Said Zell, rubbing her stomach.

    “Sure, I’m down, how about you, Matt?” asked Everest

    “Do I have to?” asked Matt through one eye.

    “Yes, now get up.” Said Everest, jerking him up by his arms, the three heading into the cafeteria.

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