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    How to play Cardfight Vanguard

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    How to play Cardfight Vanguard Empty How to play Cardfight Vanguard

    Post by Ventus on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:12 pm

    Directions to download Byond an install Cardfight Capital


    1. First, download the byond program, it can be found here
    2. Open the Byond program and click on the favorites tab. like so
    3. Click on the button that says "Add"
    4. A dialogue box will open, in the space enter DevourerOfSouls.CardfightCapital like so
    5. Open, join a server, and enjoy cardfighting!
    The wiki:!!_Vanguard_Wiki

    The Bright Side:
    CFV is a very nice change of pace from games like Yugioh. Each deck is 50 cards, no more, no less, and to top that, all the cards are monsters. I'm not going to lie to you, in the beginning Vanguard's terms can be a bit difficult to grasp, but if you just connect the dots you'll have an understanding in no time. For seasoned players games can move very quickly and can also be very thought provoking. Since you never know when a trigger is going to show up you always have to pick and choose your battles, you never know what could happen. You could be losing the entire game, attack with your vanguard and get a CRITICAL trigger, you would deal 2 damage to your opponent, possibly even out the damage. The downsides to the games are like I said it can be a bit of a whirlwind to grasp.

    Tutorial (YAY):

    - Each deck is EXACTLY 50 cards
    - Must have 16 triggers (,CRITICAL, DRAW, STAND, HEAL), no more, no less
    - Can only have 4 HEAL (green) triggers in a deck
    - Any amount/combination of the other 3
    - Trigger functions:

    + Pre-fight:
    - Each player selects their starting Vanguard from their respective deck, this can be any grade 0 monster, place it face down on the Vanguard circle on the field.
    - Each player draws their opening hand of 5 cards (Don't worry, if you don't like your hand you can do a mulligan, pick any number of cards from your hand, shuffle them into your deck, then draw until you have 5 cards again. You have to keep this hand.)
    - Figure out who goes first, this can be done by rolling a die, flipping a coin, RPS, etc.
    - The person who goes first draws, and you both flip over your Vanguards.

    +Turn Order:
    - Stand Phase: (stand all rested units) [spoiler]at are standing look like this, units that are rested look like this.
    - Draw Phase: (simple enough, right?)
    - Ride Phase: You can RIDE your Vanguard with another unit that is the same grade or higher than your current Vanguard. You can only ride once per turn. (There are exceptions which I will explain later)
    - Main Phase: This is when you can call as many units that are the same grade or lower than your Vanguard (There are exceptions which I will explain later) activate any skill which has a blue rectangle with the letters ACT on it (usually such skills are Limit Breaks, Counter Blasts, Soul Charges, Soul Blasts, any effects that require activation before a battle. (Refer to the Glossary for any terms you do not understand.).
    Also, you can do a mixture of calls and actions on the main phase (such as call 2 units, then activate a limit break, then call another unit again, etc.)
    - Battle Phase: Where you can boost your units in the front row with the units in your back row to power them up, then attack with the units in the front row. When you attack with your vanguard this is when you do a Drive Check. This mechanic can make or break the game for you. If you're on the edge, and you draw a HEAL trigger, it can bring you from the brink. If you're opponent is at 4 damage, a CRITICAL trigger will most likely win you the game. There is also a damage check, when your Vanguard (and only your Vanguard) is attacked, you do a damage check equal to the number of criticals for the attacking unit. If a trigger is revealed during it damage check it is also activated.
    Also, if your target is a Rearguard unit instead of a vanguard, if the attack is successful, instead of doing a damage check, the attacked unit is retired then sent to the drop zone.
    - End Phase: Any remaining skills that need to be activated resolve during this phase.


    - Vanguard: The unit that the match is based around, you win the game by attacking your opponent's Vanguard.
    - Rear-guard: Up to 5 units may be placed on the rear-guard circles, These units are support for the Vanguard
    - Ride: Placing a card on top of your Vanguard that is the same grade or higher.
    - Superior Ride: Riding your Vanguard after the Ride Phase through a card skill. (i.e.White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore))
    - Superior Call: Calling a unit with a method diferent than simply placing the unit from your hand, through a unit's skill. (i.e.Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane)(Usually both superior ride and call are rides/calls done with units from the deck instead of the units on the hand)
    - Unit: Term referring to a monster
    - Boost: giving the power of a unit in your back row to a unit in your front row, this is done by resting the card in the back row (NOTE: Only Grade 0 and 1 units can boost)
    - Drive Check: Checking the top card of your deck when you're attacking with your Vanguard (NOTE: Grade 3 Units do a Twin Drive Check)
    - Twin Drive Check: Used when a Grade 3 Unit attacks, Drive Check 2 cards
    - Counter Blast: Turning over damage in your damage zone to activate an units skill
    - Soul Blast: Sending cards from your Soul to the graveyard to activate an unit's skill
    - Soul: All the cards underneath your Vanguard
    - Soul Charge: Sending a card into the soul by an unit's skill (be either the top card fo your deck, or a card from your hand)
    - Limit Break: Activated when you have 4 or more damage, you can only activate Limit Break if your Vanguard has the ability.
    - Activation Skill: denoted by the letters ACT in a blue rectangle, these skills can be activated only on the main phase, but can be activated as many times as possible as long as the condition are met or the cost can be paid.)
    - Automatic Skill: denoted by the letters AUTO on a green rectangle, these skills can only be activated as long as a certain condition is met, and if the cost can be paid, these skills can activate on any phase, as many times as the specified condition is met.
    - Continuous Skill: denoted by the letters CONT in a red rectangle, these skills are passive and always active during both players turns (unles the skill states otherwise) usually these skills are power boosts

    How to play Cardfight Vanguard 2vht3ra

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