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    The Five Riders Empty The Five Riders

    Post by Black Admiral Dreadnaught on Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:27 am

    Chapter 1:

    "Shadow Ruler Reseniatus, blot out the sun and encase this pathetic wimp in eternal Darkness! Nightmare Roar!" shouted a boy roughly 6 feet 2 inches tall, wearing a black blazer with red lining, and a white undershirt. His hair was a deep purple, his piercing blue eyes could stun even the most stoic of people. "twin drive check." He drew his first card, getting now trigger. "This area is ours, the Black Luster Knights will control all of Japan! We will climb to the top of the tower!" he thought, drawing his second card, giving a smirk as he picked it up. "Critical Trigger."

    "What!" shouted his opponent, a bald, rather large man, whose eyes were wide open in amazement and disbelief. "How… how could I lose to a kid like you? The Blood Hounds, falling to this rookie team!"

    "Enough bitching, just hand over your team's badge." Said the boy calmly, putting his cards back into his deck case. "You're just making yourself look bad." He glanced over to see a blue haired boy watching in the distance, but he thought nothing of it, walking over to the man whom he had just defeated, who had recently sunk to being on his hands and knees, screaming like a little kid. "Please, now you're just embarrassing yourself." He said, ripping the Blood Hounds badge from the man's jacket. "You know the rules bud, the Blood Hounds are hereby disbanded." He was walking away from the man, when a teammate of his came up from behind him, patting him on the back.

    "Yo! Seiji, great fight bro!" shouted a boy, a little shorter than Seiji, who glanced back over at the blue-haired boy. Seiji beckoned him over to his group, wondering why he was there. As the boy walked out of the shadows, his face appeared, shocking both Seiji, and the boy.

    "Aichi!" Seiji shouted, taking a step back. "What are you doing here! This isn't a friendly place." Continued Seiji, placing a Black Luster Knight sticker on a nearby wall. "What are you doing here?"

    "I… I could ask you the same thing… Seiji… are you participating in underground Vanguard fights?" said Aichi, taking a step towards the purple haired victor.

    "It's not what you think. This isn't an ordinary underground fight, these aren't played for money, but territory. Some thug group came here, trying to claim this area for their own. We're simply protecting it." He said, spinning the Blood Hound badge on his finger. "The badge is just a perk." He said, pinning it on his jacket.

    "So what is this? Just a big Vanguard gang war?" said Aichi, taking another step towards Seiji, "Vanguard is supposed to be fun, and played between two opponents who respect each other, not at night, forcing people to stop playing!" Seiji gave a little chuckle, before starting to walk away.

    "Aichi… For being a former National Champion… you have no idea what you're talking about… You should prepare yourself for what's coming… if you can, after all." He said, turning down an alley, stopping to stare up at the moon. "It is a beautiful night out tonight. I think I'll take a stroll before I head home."

    "What did he mean… I should prepare for what's coming?" wondered Aichi, walking through his neighborhood and up to his house, stopping and sitting on his doorstep, staring at his deck. "I finally got my Royal Paladins back, so I should be able to take him no problem… but that last unit… Reseniatus… it looked terrifying, cloaked in pure shadow. What was that thing?" He laid back, resting his head on the doormat, staring up into the sky. Sure is a beautiful night tonight. I wonder what Misaki is up to?" He felt his face grow hot at the mention of her name "Why am I thinking of her at a time like this?" he wondered, trying to shake it off, going inside and heading up to his bedroom. After changing into his sleepwear he fell facedown onto his pillows trying to sleep. He kept tossing and turning, thoughts swirling in his head until finally his eyes grew wide and next thing he knew he was on the planet Cray, the rocky landscape seemed like a second home to him. "I thought I was able to control Psyqualia…" he said, looking around, spotting a familiar face. "Blaster Blade!" The white armored knight stood in front of Aichi, with a serious look upon his face.

    "Aichi… be wary of the rider of shadows." He said, giving an ominous tone to the area.

    "The… Rider of Shadows?" responded Aichi, tilting his head to the side, trying to comprehend what Blaster Blade just told him.

    "There is a hidden lore of Cray, one that even I am not fully aware of." He pulled out a torn scroll, and unrolled it in front of Aichi. It was decrepit, with stains and wrinkles from time, in the corner was a drawing of a black hydra, immediately Aichi thought back to Seiji, and the fight he used Reseniatus in.

    "I… I know that creature!" he shouted, taking a step back. Causing Blaster Blade's eyes to grow wide open.

    "So you've met the Shadow Rider!" He said, clenching his left fist. "Aichi, please, stay away from him. According to the lore it's his destiny to bring about the end to both of our worlds."

    "What?" responded Aichi, turning and looking at a mountain in the distance. "You can't be serious!"

    "I wish I wasn't Aichi… I wish I wasn't. I can tell you this though… each rider belongs to a fated clan. One of which is us, the Royal Paladins. Other two are the Kageros, Oracle Think Tanks, and Angel Feathers… the remaining clan I am unaware of." He handed Aichi the piece of the scroll. "Take this back with you. As I find more pieces I'll return them to you."

    "Wait, what if I run into the Shadow Rider again?" asked Aichi, taking the ancient piece of paper. "What should I do?"

    "…I wish I could tell you Aichi… I wish I could." With that Aichi was awoken by a auburn haired girl with bright blue eyes.

    "Aichi! Wake up!" she shouted, doing her bet to raise the boy out of bed.

    "I'm up Emi, thanks." He said, sitting up in his bed, he began to rub his eyes when he felt something scratchy in his hand, he opened it up to see the piece of paper that Blaster Blade had given him. "The Shadow Rider…" he said, standing up out of bed and getting ready for the day. "I think I know what Seiji was talking about now…"

    Chapter 2:

    Aichi walked into class that morning still tired from last night. Trying to wake himself up he began pacing around the classroom, getting stares from the other students, until finally was instructed to sit down. "Hey… Aichi, are you okay? You seem off today." Asked a boy sitting behind Aichi, his hair spiked up into a "V" giving him the look of a Trekkie.

    "Oh, hey Katsumi, and I'm alright, just didn't sleep too well last night." Replied Aichi with a yawn he turned around, and face planted into his book passing out until the bell rang. He drugged around school, finding a place to sit in the shade for lunch, looking around he let out a sigh of relief, "No one around…" he opened his luchbox and started eating some sandwiches his mom made him, "I wonder what Misaki is up to?" he said to himself, immediately wondering why he keeps thinking about her. He took a bite of his sandwich hearing someone call his name from a distance.

    "Aichi-Oniisannn!" called a spiky haired boy, with a ponytail in the back. "Oni-san Where is Ms. Emi?" he asked tripping over a rock and slamming into Aichi.

    "Kamui!" Aichi shouted before falling backward, slamming his head on the ground, knocking him out cold.

    Blaster Blade was walking up the steps to a large citadel, ancient statues of dragons lining the staircase. Reaching the top he relinquished his sword to one of the Dragon Armored Knights standing outside. He walked inside the castle, being greeted by the low rumble of a dragon. "Dragonic Overlord." Said Blaster Blade, taking a knee before the king of the Dragon Empire. "Thank you for allowing me an audience."

    "You are an old friend… What is it you wish to ask me?" replied the dragon sitting on a massive throne, adorned with gold and ruby.

    "About this." Said Blaster blade, handing the dragon an ancient scroll of paper. "You are one of the elders, I was hoping you would have some information on this."

    "Hmm…Uh!" his eyes grew wide, reading the paper. "What is this!"

    "An ancient prophecy. Earlier I found a ripped piece of it in the catacombs of the Royal Palace. Today, after paying respects to the Goddess, I found this in the Library of the Oracle Think Tanks, there has to be a reason behind this I know of the old prophecy, but we were taught to dismiss it as false, however, I fear the worst , Agraziel. I wish to ask your permission to search the grounds of the Kagero Throne, If my suspicions are correct, then there should be a piece of the scroll somewhere here.

    "I see… you are free to roam within these lands." Said the dragon king, returning the paper to Blaster Blade.

    "Thank you, old friend." Replied Blaster Blade, turning and running out of the throne room, retrieving his sword from the guard and heading down toward the Ancient Dragonic Library. "It's a good first place to check."

    Aichi was woken up in the school infirmary, Emi and Misaki sitting by his bedside, Kamui sitting in the corner of the room and Miwa and Kai standing by the doorway. "Ugh…" he groaned, sitting up and rubbing the back of his hand "What happened?"

    "Well, Kamui! What did happen!" scolded Emi, giving Kamui a death stare.

    "I… I uh, accidentally tripped and slammed into you, making you fall and hit your head. You've been unconscious since." He said, staring at the ground, rubbing his hands together.

    "Its okay, it was just an accident. But, why are you all here?" asked Aichi, getting out of bed and putting his jacket on.

    "Well Kamui panicked and grabbed Emi when you knocked out, and then called me, I came as fast as I could." Said Misaki with a gentle smile.

    "Uh, thanks… Misaki…" said Aichi, blushing a bit. "Man she's so pretty." He thought, turning a bit more red, something Emi picked up on. She starting giggling uncontrollably. "Emi? Whats wrong?"

    "Nothing!" she said between giggles "You're just too cute Aichi!" She said, "I'll see you at home!" she ran out the room heading home in a giggle fit.

    "Well that was weird." Said Miwa, a little surprised at what happened. Anyways, glad you're okay Aichi, I'll see ya around."

    "Thanks Miwa, you too Kai." Said Aichi walking over to the counter grabbing his bookbag.

    "I gotta go Aichi, see you tomorrow!" said Kamui, bolting out of the room, followed by Kai and Miwa, leaving just Aichi and Misaki in the room.

    "Alright, ready to go Misa…" Aichi's knees grew weak, he grabbed the foot rail of the bed for support, he gripped his head as a sharp pain spiked through. "Argh!" he grunted as the pain increased.

    "Aichi!" shouted Misaki, helping him stand up straight and sit down on the bed. "What's wrong!"

    "I… I'm fine, don't worry." He said, standing up and heading towards the door. "Coming?"

    "…Yeah." She said grabbing her purse and following him out the door. They headed toward the stairs in silence, each fishing for a topic.

    "So Misaki… have you updated your Oracles yet? Or are you still sticking with Tsukuyomi?" Said Aichi, taking a few steps down the stairs.

    "I don't know." She said, following Aichi's steps "I'm not sure, if something comes out for them, then maybe, but for now I'll be playing Tsukuyomi!" her "I" accentuated as she lost her footing and slipped down the stairs, she landed on the bottom floor with a thud, Aichi running down behind her.

    "Misaki! Are you okay!" He shouted helping her sit up.

    "I… I'm fine!" her "E" was accentuated this time as a pain shot through her ankle. She went to touch it, letting out a squeal of pain on contact. "I guess not…" she said giving a sheepish look.

    "It's alright, I'll bring you back home." He said picking her up, bridal style, and carrying her down the street.

    "I… I can walk…" she said quietly, her face a shade of bright red.

    "It's fine… You need to let your ankle rest." Replied Aichi, looking up at the clouds. "We better hurry, it's probably going to rain soon."

    "We could go faster if you'd let me walk…" she said, still too embarrassed to look at Aichi in the face.

    "Yeah, well, you're still letting that ankle rest, so you might as well get comfy." Replied Aichi, giving Misaki a reassuring smile.

    "Fine…" Misaki groaned, wrapping her arms around Aichi's neck in an attempt to get more comfortable. She finally looked up at him, noticing for the first time how much he had grown since they first met. Back when he was in middle school, now they were both in high school, Aichi was now a tall as Kai and Miwa, his hair was slightly longer too, reaching his shoulders now. Misaki blushed even harder as she sunk into his chest, feeling his muscles as she did. The two started laughing for no reason, except for the situation they were in.

    "Can you believe this Misaki?" said Aichi, "Remember when you first helped me with the power of Grade 3s?" He said, taking a turn down a sidewalk.

    "Yeah, you really improved after that day, finding Gancelot, then getting Alfred, Soul Saver Dragon, Alfred Early, and then Majesty Lord Blaster." Replied Misaki with a giggle. "You've really grown Aichi Sendou." A few seconds later drops of water landed on the two.

    "Uh-oh…" said Aichi, as the water started to pour harder. "'Come on, my house isn't too far from here." He said, picking up his pace, running faster and reaching his doorstep. He carried her up her steps, water dripping off of both of them, leaving a trail up to Aichi's room. "He placed her down on his bed, being careful of her ankle. "I'm going to go get some bandages, I'll be right back." He said, leaving the room and running into his bathroom. Misaki was looking around Aichi's room, noticing a few posters he had hung up on his walls, there wasn't much more than that. Aichi walked back into the room with a roll of bandages, followed my Emi.

    "Misaki? Are you okay?" wondered Emi, taking a look at her ankle, which was beginning to swell.

    "Lets get your ankle wrapped up." Said Aichi, wrapping her ankle in the bandages, making sure it was supported. "There, hows that feel?"

    "Good…" said Misaki, turning her ankle around, testing the wrapping. "Thanks Aichi." She replied with a blush and a smile, making Aichi turn red as well, causing a giggle fit out of Emi again, who had to leave the room.

    "Misaki?" said Aichi's mom, walking into the room. "It doesn't look like it's going to stop raining for a while, so would you like to stay here tonight?" that question brought both Aichi and Misaki's faces to be bright red.

    "Umm… Well… I…" stammered Misaki, looking for an answer.

    "Don't worry about answering, because that wasn't a yes or no question. I'll run you a bath, you need to get out of those clothes. I'll give you some of mine." She said, leaving the room, closing the door behind her.

    "Looks like I'm spending the night here." Said Misaki with a sheepish laugh.

    "Yeah," said Aichi, mimicking the emotion. "Alright, I'll help you to the bathroom." He said, helping Misaki stand. She took a few steps forward, before stumbling and knocking herself and Aichi over. They both landed on the ground with a thud, Misaki on top of Aichi. "Uhh.. I.. uh…" Aichi couldn't think of a way to respond. They just stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like ages, they could both feel each other's breath, before they knew it, Misaki had leaned down, meeting Aichi's lips with hers.

    "Alright." Though Blaster Blade, walking through the library, checking the bookshelves, and scrolls for any hints on the prophecy. "It has to be here somewhere…" he said, dropping a book on the floor, the sound echoed through the empty building, covered in cobwebs and dust.

    "Looking for this?" said a female voice from behind the swordsman. He turned around to see a red-haired woman, clad in pitch black armor, equipped with a -bow. "You know you're not the only one looking for these. It's been a long time, Xavier."

    "You!" said Blaster Blade, his eyes growing wide as he dropped his sword, his arms going weak.

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    Chapter 2 posted

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