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    Revenge and War

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    Revenge and War Empty Revenge and War

    Post by Pale Twinz Maya on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:34 pm

    I read a really good fanfic, so I thought I'd make a short little ficlet sprouting from that story and my desires, Enjoy. I only own Samantha.

    "You sure you want to do this, Luke?" a medium sized girl asked

    "Yes, I do, Mary." the boy known as Luke said "That girl, Melanie, separated us and I'll show her what she gets for separating friends. You only have to do one thing."


    Enigman Rain was floating above the crowd, flailing arms in slow motion. Beside it, Phantom Blaster Dragon and Soul Saver Dragon arose, accompanied by Nightmare Doll Alice, Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel and Enigman Cloud.

    "Listen up." Mary's voice echoed "Hand us Melanie or our avatars will blow this place apart."

    The crowd grew silent, till a voice rang in return

    "Not a chance. This is our destiny." Melanie's father said

    "This is war." Mary said calmly "A war for survival of Cray and all our clans on it.

    Five other people came to stand beside her.

    "It's true." a girl with medium blue hair stated calmly. "Imagine it."

    Suddenly, they were all standing on Cray. Blue haired girl stood at the summit as Nightmare Doll Alice

    Opposite her, forces of Void were coming, Melanie leading them as Phantom Blaster Dragon.

    "Fight them or be lost."

    And suddenly, they were back on Earth.

    Melanie watched them knowing they could never take her, when suddenly, Soul Saver Dragon appeared, looming over her and grabbed her with its massive claw. At this, other avatars retreated.

    Melanie found herself staring at the eyes of Luke, the boy she corrupted.

    Then, he slapped her

    "Why?" she asked

    "That's what you deserve for taking away the friendship me and Mary had." Luke asnwered coldly "I don't care if your father pulls the strings."

    I am a Pale Twin

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