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    Basic Tactics and Tips for any Vg'er- 01

    Wayfinder, Rarikou
    Wayfinder, Rarikou

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    Basic Tactics and Tips for any Vg'er- 01 Empty Basic Tactics and Tips for any Vg'er- 01

    Post by Wayfinder, Rarikou on Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:15 am

    Hi Everyone, I'm Rarikou, Many consider me to be one in love with tactics, and i'm writing a series of guides to help all of you out there improve your games. The following is a list of tips and advice to help get your game to the next level. if you ave any questions, let me know via pm

    Basic VG tips and Tactics

    Not all Vanguard Clans revolve around 'attack attack attack and hope I win' While some clans CAN get away with this, most of the times, you will fail MISERABLY. This guide is here to help you do a few things: It's going to teach yo how to read ahead, predicting the flow of a battle, how to learn your opponents strategy , and hopefully much more.

    Basic Tips

    In a battle between competitive players, the first to discern and counter the opponent’s tactics is usually the winner. Vanguard is not rock, paper, your dead. Any deck can beat any deck provided the user is skilled ad knows how to take all advantages you can. When the match starts, you already have a key piece of information- the opponent’s starting vanguard. A starting vanguard reveals a good chunk of the intended strategy he's using: First off, you learn the clan. Every clan is, within a degree, wither innately aggressive or defensive, and it's always best to keep this in mind. If the card is the starter of a ride chain, if the card searches for g3s, it gives away what they plan on doing.

    The next part is' testing the waters.', or seeing how your opponent reacts to certain things. Swing at that vanguard! Does he block an attack to his rearguard? Does he plop down cards early and tries to go for an aggressive rush? It's easy to tell the plan. After a few turns. Once you do, countering is a cinch. If hes going aggressive and plopping cards down, snipe out those rearguards back- they're open and the opponent wont be able to guard that heavily. If the opponent is playing defensively, you can act a little more aggressively... withing reason, of course.

    Just remember that, while you're trying to figure out what the enemy is up to, they'll be doing the same to you. It's like a game of chess, in that regard.

    If you can, try and keep track of what cards go into the opponent’s hand. Knowing what comes into your opponents hand via checks is incredibly important, and allows you to switch your stratgey around. You aren't going to want to use an effect that gains a critical if you see a perfect guard coming, but you'll want to press your assault if all they have is 5ks. It's a very good idea to work on your memory. One way to flex this part of your muscle is to play Tsukiyomi OTT. That deck has an innate memory game. Stack triggers, and do your best to remember when something's happen. If you can successfully call your triggers, you can remember what's in the opponents hand easily. If you want to give this method a shot and want to try this out, pm me and ill give you a decklist you can try out.

    'He who is steadfast as a pillar falls, he who bends like a weed shall claim victory' Flexibility is key. Do to the fact your decks are shuffled, you may never get a chance to set up that combo that'll win you the game. Shifting your tactics to suit whatever problem's your facing is often key.

    Know when to hold them, when to fold em. At the early game, double triggers are rarer than you think, so don't always drop 2 10ks. 16 triggers total, half of those being crits (unless they're being dumb and running 12 crits the chances are slim, and even though they get bigger, don't panic the second a g3 vanguard attacks. Also, if a vg is coming at you with 35 k+ dont guard unless it's a perfect. Thats 3 plus 10ks outta your hand. Only so that if your at 5 damage, or you're in trouble.

    Be creative. Mix and match cards. You may like one card instead of the other. Always playing with the mindset that you can always improve.

    Basic Tactics and Tips for any Vg'er- 01 Aqua_signature_by_kronachan-d4ncyyn

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