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    Endless Skies

    Pale Twinz Maya

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    Endless Skies Empty Endless Skies

    Post by Pale Twinz Maya on Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:01 pm

    This is a vanguard fanfic I am creating. All that's happening in this story are ideas of mine.

    A shadowy individual walked through the darkness, it's eyes set on another individual standing nearby.

    "Well, hello, nee-san. It's been long since we saw each other. " he hissed, eyes blazing red.

    "Kouki." his sister whispered "Why did you betray us?"

    "You were a weak bunch and I found out that the darkness is much more powerful. Observe."

    Suddenly, Poet of Darkness, Amon appeared and grabbed the girl with his claws.

    "How do you like it, Hikari nee-san?" Kouki asked mockingly.

    He turned around and began walking away as Hikari was released.

    "Oh, and one more thing. I will be the one to rule Cray together with my Dark Irregulars."

    Hikari watched him as he walked away.

    "Brother, me and my clan will stop you and bring back the brother I loved." Hikari whispered.

    She pulled out a card and observed it.

    A very small angel child was a sight to behold. It was called Love Machine Gun, Nociel and it served her faithfully since she got her deck. It was her Avatar card ans also a gift from her father.

    *six months later*

    Vanguard Academy was bustling with excitement. Entrance exams were taking place and Hikari was taking hers as well.

    "I ride Love Machine Gun, Nociel. With a boost from Heavenly Injector, Nociel attacks."

    "No guard." the proctor replied

    "Drive check." Hikari said "Critical Trigger. Power goes to Examine Angel and extra critical to Nociel."


    Hand: 3

    Damage: 5

    Field White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia (vanguard), Valkyrie Laurel (left rearguard), Maiden of Trailing Roses (right rearguard)

    "With a boost fron Candle Light Angel, Examine Angel attacks."

    Proctor took a look at his hand and decided.

    "No guard. Damage check." he checked "No trigger."

    "Well, I'll be going now." Hikari said, smiling.

    "You will be placed in Pellinore Gold Dorm." the proctor stated

    Just then, Kouki marched in, demanding to be tested.

    Hikari shievered at the sigh of her brother and quickly retreated to her dorm.

    "That Dark Irregular user is your brother?" one of Hikari's new friends asked, as they were sitting in cafeteria. "Can I ask him out?"

    "Better don't." Hikari immediately said "Kouki doesn't care about other people anymore."

    Chapter 2 will be up shortly.
    D.D Trafalgar Law
    D.D Trafalgar Law

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    Endless Skies Empty Re: Endless Skies

    Post by D.D Trafalgar Law on Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:13 am

    i like it really goood

    Endless Skies YTmPg0u
    Endless Skies Boa_Hancock_signature_by_Melodiq

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    Endless Skies Empty Re: Endless Skies

    Post by Jig on Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:21 am

    short but a very strong beginning. Keep it up Very Happy

    Endless Skies 21p2v

    "people live to be manipulated, laws were made to be broken, money and power exist to corrupt the human mind, but when darkness falls all is for naught."

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    Endless Skies Empty Re: Endless Skies

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