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    Eternal Abyss story


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    Eternal Abyss story Empty Eternal Abyss story

    Post by Gir on Mon Dec 24, 2012 12:32 pm

    Ty uses great nature (Alex's)
    Mina uses Bermuda triangle
    Claire uses angel feather (Law's)
    Izzy uses Megacolony
    Penelope uses Neo Nectar (Alex's)
    Laila uses OTT
    Keira uses Royal Paladins
    Mark uses Gold Paladins (Naru's)
    Jezebel uses Shadow Paladins
    Drake uses Kagero
    Jack uses Murakumo (Naru's)
    Zeke uses Dark Irregulars
    Dan uses Spike Brothers
    Brittany uses Pale Moon
    Edward uses Granblue
    Odd uses Aqua Force (Alex's)
    Jade uses Nova Grapplers
    Sherry uses Dimensional Police
    Sarah uses tachikaze
    and Ryu uses Narukami

    All these characters play vanguard both in real life and in virtual reality. When they play in virtual reality they keep their name but their appearance changes to their favorite card. The shadow paladin players are planning to try and take over he system by releasing a virus so that if a person loses a cardfight they cant play vanguard in virtual reality anymore. All of these characters must meet each other and form a strong bond so they can tae down the shadow paladins. (jezebel is a debatable character because i'm not sure if i want her to be good or bad)


    And that would be my alarm clock. I love Lyserg, my pet flamingo, but he can be really annoying sometimes. He purposely wakes me up late on Saturdays just to get on my nerves (Noon today apparently). I opened my eyes and started to pet him before he could squawk anymore. Usually, he hangs out in my backyard because of the pond but during one of those cold, winter nights he likes to come inside. I jumped out of bed and took one look in the mirror. If i had walked downstairs without doing my hair my mom would have stabbed me with a knife (But she's working right now). I'm pretty sure my hedgehog, Dylan, messes with it at nighttime because no matter how good it looks at night, its always bad in the morning. I picked up my comb and tried to yank down my hair. i like to emphasize the cowlick on the left side so I pushed that side of my hair up. After being thoroughly satisfied, I walked downstairs with Jeremy the king cobra. I suppose if you haven't noticed yet, I really like animals. Both of my parents work with animals: My dad is a zookeeper at the Bronx Zoo and my Mom is a Vet there. I own 5 pets in all: My snake, hedgehog, and flamingo along with Delilah the tarantula, and Pepper the pig (owned and named by my sister).
    I grabbed some breakfast and headed to the living room. Both of my parents were out and my sister, Penelope, was in the living room looking over her Neo Nectar deck. Being my Twin it was customary that we both share the present the other gives us. I had gotten her a copy of the new vanguard virtual reality game with the scanner. You could scan in entire decks or single cards and then play against people from all around the world. Rather than going through a long, dry character creation process you can just pick the card you wish to be. Mine will of course be Scientist Monkey Rue. From then on anyone who sees my character outside of a fight would see that character. I'm Pretty sure Penelope will pick White Lily Musketeer Cecelia. In my usual fashion, I
    sneaked up behind her and grabbed her shoulders, but at that exact moment she somehow flipped me over and threw me onto the couch. Maybe I should mention that I may be the older twin but my sister is much stronger and scarier. I handed over her gift and she was thrilled at first, but then she started to giggle. She handed me my present which happened to be the I went to my room to get my deck and then came back out to the living room. My sister had already started scanning in her deck.
    "DECK SCAN COMPLETE"said a mechanical voice. I looked over to see my sister placing the scanner back in the box and then look up at me expectantly. I turned on the scanner and placed my deck beneath it. It was a rather strange contraption: it had 1 slot in it in case you wanted to scan in a single card and a little deck box where you could set your deck to scan it in. I placed in my deck in the holder and waited for it to complete.
    "DECK SCAN COMPLETE" went the mechanical voice again. Penelope gave me another stare and it was like looking in my mirror as i did this morning. We both had black hair with silver streaks due to a birthmarks on our scalps (which earned me the nickname "skunk" in school, just like our parents we had brown eyes, and of course we both had a slight natural tan that made most people think we were foreign. The main difference between my sister and I was our clothes. I always wear my blue denim jeans and she likes to wear earthen colored dresses. I had the family watch on my left arm and my sister had our great great grandmother's emerald necklace on. We both sat the headsets on over our eyes when i felt my mind explode. It was as if i had been in a room of complete darkness, sealed off from everything, to being immediately placed in a bright, white, and sterile laboratory. My vision grew slightly fuzzy and before i knew it, everything seemed back to normal. My eyes must have adjusted.
    I glanced around and saw my sister right beside me on my right and a boy around our age of 14 on my left. He had blond hair that stood up everywhere and green eyes that were on par with my sister's necklace.
    Please selet your avatar" said a woman's voice from nowhere as a book of cards appeared in front me. I grasped the book in my hands and was surprised at how light it was. On the side, there were tabs of the different clans so I went straight to great nature. Every great nature card that i knew of was in that section. I found Scientist Monkey Rue and poked his picture. A pop up appeared and said: "are you sure you want to be Scientis Money Rue?" I poked the yes button and my body began transforming. My arms were suddenly bulkier and my legs felt like tree trunks. I felt much more flexible and energetic. Before I knew it I had become a giant ape. I looked to my right to see Penelope becoming Cecelia and to my left i saw the blonde boy transform
    into Tear Knight, Cyprus from the aqua force clan. Wings of vapor sprouted from his back and his hair went from blond to purple. He was suddenly wearing a wet suit and had a sword in his right hand. I heard Penelope giggle and I could tell that she was thinking that this guy looked cute to her. She had given my friends that kind of laugh before she asked them to some dance or something.
    The same Female voice came from all around and said "Your games will now begin. Tread carefully and make friends as you live in the form of you vanguard." All three of us were instantly transported to a place looking like New York City. There were skyscrapers and apartment complexes everywhere. We were the first players here. Another book popped up in front of me titled "What To Do".
    I opened the cover and realized that there was only 3 pages in this book. The rest were all blank so i could put i notes or friend's names. I scribbled down put in the name Penelope and told her to the same. Then i turned to boy standing to my left still.
    "What's your name?" was the first thing that came out of my mouth. Penelope was over looking at the unique flowers growing in the plaza we were in. She paid more attention when the boy spoke and said "Odd".
    She started giggling again which made Odd smile.
    "its a pretty odd name, that's for sure." he said in a joking voice.
    "Nice to meet you Odd. I'm Ty and this is my sister Penelope" I gestured to Penelope who seemed much more intimidating as a musketeer. I looked back into my book and wrote down Odd. We all made sure the others were written down in our books when I decided to give the book a read.
    "Give me a few minutes" I said. I turned back a few pages to the first one.
    [center] Welcome to Cray. Or at least what's left of it. You can't really tell from United City (where you end up when you start the game) but most of this world has been demolished by the Shadow Paladins.

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