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    Lhix's Fanfic and story area (beware some mature Writings)



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    Lhix's Fanfic and story area (beware some mature Writings)

    Post by TheLhix on Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:32 am

    I will post my deviant art here and a poem from sed deviant arent as my first post.

    The Lonely Lady.(mature)

    Once upon a time,

    There was a lonely lady with 4 mercenaries guiding her to her families manor house. They were trekking along the cursed shortcut of Devil's Horn's Road. Legend has it that the road of the devil's horns was cursed to have a powerful hell demon guarding the road of every 13th day of a month. Unfortunately enough for the 5 travelers that this was the 13th of December. The so called birthday of the hell demon. The fix travelers trekked cautiously and hesitantly with there eyes fixed on every bush, log, or movement. Eventually they trekked through a crossroads when the many gusty winds of the land began to blow. They stayed for a while, cowering beneath the bushed of the rustling forest that surrounded the hellish road. After what seemed like hours they began to hear a snickering jest in the distance that gradually grew louder....and closer. By now two of the guards that shall not be named took all the supplies and ran away from the scary snickering as hastily as they could. "We are without supplies captain!" The young lady screeched at the leader of the guards. 'Neheahaha!' The snickering grew so loud that even the screaming of the young ladies voice was muffled. By now one guard took the cowards way out and slit his own throat with a rusty dagger he had at his hilt. The blood gushed and splattered all over the dark green leaves of the bush the group cowered in. "I think it's time we armed ourselves milady." The captain said firmly as he drew out his short- sword and waited for his second in command to arm himself with dagger and, shield. "NYHAHAHAHHA!" The snickering boomed when a large horned demon crashed through the bushed and drafted a large bloody cut across the second in commands chest. Blood oozed everywhere and the Young lady screamed with all her might. "DON'T WORRY MILADY I WILL SLAY HIM!" The captain yowled and thrust himself at the demon only to have the demons hand shoved right through the lung of the captain. Then once again more blood covered the almost completely red bush. "Whats you're name milady?" The demon scoffed with a sly smile drawing across his blood splattered face. "Luna...." The young lady stammered only to immediately have the demons Devilish Horns shove through her chest. "My name is Romono..." The demon said as he bounced the girl up and down on hos horns and letting her scarlet red blood drip all over his evil cold body.


    BP : 200
    Posts : 29
    Join date : 2012-12-02
    Age : 95

    Poems :D

    Post by TheLhix on Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:46 am

    Poem Time :FD

    A chilly winter night.
    A sword whispering in the breeze.
    The splatter of virgin girl.

    A chilly winter night.
    The terror and fright.
    A blood stained tree.

    The reaper calls.
    His victim pleas
    A pale lady in a white dress.

    White flowers line the coffin.
    two men are gently scoffing.
    There razor blades are glistening.

    The pale white lady.
    The slumbering white lady.
    The dead white lady!

    On the chilly winter night.

    Two swordsman relationship.

    Fierce white robed woman and relentless black robed demon.
    'click clack' goes the steel of the fierce battle.
    No blood to be spilled.
    Two swordsman relationship.
    With the dance of death!

    Elegant white dressed lady and black suited demon.
    Emotions clashing and going 'Thump! Thump! Thump!.'
    No tears to be spilled!
    Two swordsman relationship.
    With the dance of love!

    Old blue maiden and shining armored soldier.
    Happiness and worry meeting with a new visitor. 'sob, sob, sob,'
    A babies tears spill in blue maidens firm gentle hands.
    Two swordsman relationship.
    With the dance of worry.

    Shriveled black dressed widow and arrow pierced corpse.
    Wails and yowls crashing and going 'Crackle, Cough, Sob'
    Old widows tears hit the firm wooden coffin.
    Two swordsman relationship.
    With the dance of Death.
    Life itself.

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