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    How to use Evolvehq

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    How to use Evolvehq

    Post by Ventus on Mon May 20, 2013 2:51 am

    Evolve is pretty easy to use program. It helps make playing online games alot easier say cray online for example. It allows you to find matches and communicate better. This is a guide on how to use evolvehq.

    Evolve is great application with many features, but one of the best features is VPN. Which will let you find opponents easier.

    Some features:

    Groups. To have a lot of people with same interest in one place.
    Custom parties. To invite people for a duel.
    Chat, private chat, and voice chat.
    Friend lists and many other social features.

    To get started you need:

    To create account and download client:

    When account is created and activated and client is installed just click this link to join SSA official Group
    Open your client and right click on SSA group name and choose "Enter".

    From there you can discuss and and look for people to duel.

    Either you can ask for invite to party or create your own.

    To create party just click "Create Party"

    And then invite people by typing in their names, or by right clicking their names in the group chat.

    People that are in the same party can duel each other.

    To do that just start Cray Online game. Then decide who will host and who joins. Host press "Listen". Person who joins press "Connect" and enters IP. To get ip just go to the party tab in your Evolve client, right click on host's name and choose copy ip. Paste that ip in "Connect" window click "Ok" and start dueling

    Also most of this guide was taken from cray online foruns so please be sure to stop by there official group and play sometimes.


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