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    Dark Saviors

    Wayfinder, Rarikou

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    Dark Saviors

    Post by Wayfinder, Rarikou on Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:46 pm

    Hey everyone, this isa made up clan i've spent a long time working on, based on my favorite Myth ' Nyx' I intend to haeit appear later in a fanfiction, and I'm working on a different series of cards to match there. Let me know what you think. If i ever get photoshop to work, I'll add in puctures of the cards as well.

    Dark Savior Lore

    If one searched through Cray's myths and legends, one would find a myth about Seripha, the dark kingdom. For a long time, Seripha was an active clan in discussions, and were well known to everyone. However, millenia ago, during a fight against the Void, their leader, Nyx, took a heavy hit for the other clans, and she vanished in a dark light. Following that, the people of Seripha began slowly cutting off contact, and eventually isolating themselves. At that time, Amaterasu of the Oracle Think Tanks predicted the Second Coming of Nyx, and that she would appear in the worm of a lovely child.

    The People of Seripha have not once elected a new ruler, waiting for the time when their goddess would return to them... but they were paying dearly... being cut off meant no trading... and their resources were being quickly cut off... and then, the one fated to arrive appeared. Overjoyed, The Seripha hailed the coming of their Goddess, and set about to save the land of darkness they called home.

    Theme and Playstyle: The theme of the Dark Saviors is a city clad in darkness, where it's constantly night. it has quite a ghotic/ occult feel to it

    The Playstyle involves using the Bind Zone to restrict guarding or intercepting, and utilzing effects when this happens.

    Maiden of the Night, Nyx
    Grade 0
    Attack: 5000 Shield 10000
    Flavor Text: “I can hear it.. the shifting shadows”
    Auto (V): When you Ride over this card with 'Lady of the Night, Nyx' Search the top 8 cards of your deck for either 'Queen of the Night, Nyx' 'Savior of the Night, Nyx' or 'Goddess of the Night, Nyx' ' add it to your hands, then shuffle your deck.
    Auto(V): If you ride over this unit with any other unit, call it to ®
    Act ®: (Counterblast 1 and move this unit into the soul): Search for one 'Lady of the Night, Nyx', and add it to your Soul

    Lore: She appeared one day, a lovely young child who held a serene grace that no ordinary girl could ever hope to have. She quickly, and rather unknowingly, demonstrated that she was Nyx, the Goddess long lost. With her coming, the Dark Saviors have hope of survival... however, in this form, she isn't operating at her full power. With time, however, she'll show everyone what she's capable of.

    Grade 0
    Attack 5000 Shield 5000 (Draw Trigger)
    Flavor Text: “Just one bite is all I need”

    Lore: This Snake guarded the House where Nyx called home. Like a loyal puppy waiting for his mistress, Serpentine has never left the door to Nyx's bedroom unguarded... until now.

    Handmaiden of the Night Queen, Sonia
    Grade 0
    Attack 4000 Shield 10000 (Heal)
    Flavor Text: “Some Wine, Milady?'
    Auto ®: (move this unit into the soul): Choose one card from your drop zone, and add it to your deck. Then shuffle your deck.

    Lore: Following a long generation of Handmaidens, This young lady was trained into an expert maid, bringing Nyx whatever she needs. She is an expert in healing and support magics.

    Poisoned Saber
    Grade 0
    Attack 4000 Shield 10000 (Critical)
    Flavor Text: 'This blade always leaves a lasting impression'

    Lore: A weapon that was granted a spirit and thus has a mind of it's own. It can change it's shape at will, and is capable of poisioning whoever it slices.

    Moonlit Gown
    Grade 0
    Attack 4000 Shield 10000 (critical)
    Flavor Text: 'I shine in the moonlight'

    Lore: A special gown that makes it's wearer invisible as long as natrual moonlight is touching it. Natrually, this is perfect for eliminiating enemies in the dead of night.

    Grade 1s

    Lady of the Night, Nyx
    Grade 1
    Attack 7000 Shield 5000
    Flavor Text: “The darkness is growing.... I feel at ease.'
    Auto(V): If 'Maiden of the Night, Nyx' is in the soul, this unit gains +1000 power)
    Auto (V): When 'Queen of the Night, Nyx' Rides over this unit, search your deck for a grade 1 unit, and add it to your hand.

    Lore: With a lot of training in etiquette, combat, and politics, she's slowly regaining her original power. She's now a proper young lady, and it won't be long before she's strong enough to claim the throne as Queen.

    Savior of the Shadows
    Grade 1
    Attack 5000 shield 0
    (insert perfect guard text here)

    Lore: A barrier spirit that exists around the nation where the Dark Saviors reside. It rarely acts outside of defending the area, but if it concentrates it's abilities on a small area, nothing can get past it.

    Erebus, Incarnation of Shadow
    Grade 1
    Attack 8000 Shield 5000
    Flavor: I am the embodiment of the Dark...

    Lore:A being of complete darkness. Some say he was a lover of Nyx, but none can really say for sure.

    Hope of the Fallen, Maria
    Grade 1
    Attack 7000 Shield Shield 5000
    Flavor:”Come on Everyone! Let's win this!'
    Act ® : (Rest this unit) Bind one card on the field until the end phase of this turn.

    A spirit who watches over the dead soldiers of the past. She has a rare ability to communicate with the dead, and thus is the only one who can coney their hopes and sorrows to others.

    Saber of Shadows, Mars
    Grade 1
    Attack: 5000 Shield 5000
    Flavor: “With this sword, I declare victory!
    Auto(R): When this unit boosts a 'Nyx' Vanguard, this unit gets + 5000 power

    Lore: The weapon spirit Nyx herself used in the previous war with the void. Long thought erased from existence, this spirit reappeared when Nyx stepped forward to claim her place

    Grade 2

    Queen of the Night, Nyx
    Grade 2
    Attack 9000 Shield 5000
    Flavor: ' Can you feel it.... the end is coming...'
    Auto: (V) While Lady of the Night, Nyx' is in your soul, this unit gains + 1000 power
    Auto(V): (Soul Charge 1 and choose a card in your hand. Place it on the top of your deck) When this unit is ridden over a 'Savior of the Night, Nyx' you may pay the cost. If paid, Search your deck for a Grade 2 unit, and add it to your hand. Then shuffle your deck.

    Lore: As she grows stronger, she slowly begins to become more beautiful, more elegant, more... radiant. Her tones and mannerisms are befitting as Queen of the Realm.Her time is growing nearer. Soon, She'll be ready to take on anything.

    Heartless Angel

    Attack 9000 Shield 5000
    Flavor: 'You are an insect compared to my Goddess.”
    Auto ® When a card enters the bind zone, this unit gains + 2000 Power

    Lore: An angel that's taken residence with the residents of the Dark Savior's. For an Angel, she's not very religious, and will preform any duty without a care in the world

    Maiden of the Clear Skies. Raine

    Attack: 9000 Shield 5000
    Flavor: 'I love cloudless nights. Much easier to eliminate the enemy.”
    Act: (Counterblast 2) Bind one of your opponet's Grade 2 or lower units. At the end of your return, return that unit to it's original location.

    Lore: This young maiden serves as a wether controller, ale to darken or clear the skies as well. They say that when she's sad, the moon can't be seen. For most of the time, the skies about Seripha are clear, thanks to her.

    Knight of Darkness, Mordred
    Flavor: A toast to the darkness.”
    Attack: 8000 Shield 5000
    Auto ® : When a card is sent to the bind zone, draw 1 card.

    Lore: This solider is known for his devilish tactics and brutal play. He's a loyal knight, but he'll sometimes 'stretch' his vows in order to get the job done. He has many a mark on his criminal record but they have yet to kick him out,or kill him. Seripha needs people who are willing to break a good laws for the sake of the group

    Grade 3

    Savior of the Night, Nyx

    Attack: 11000

    Flavor: “The fight is growing fiercer. It is time for me to enter the fray.

    Auto:(V) (Limit Break, 4 ) When a 'Goddess of the Night, Nyx' Rides over this unit that unit gains Power + 10000. Bind two cards n your opponent's hand until the end of the turn.
    Auto:(V) If this unit attacks while 'Queen of the Night, Nyx' is in your soul, this unit gains +2000 Power
    Cont:(V) Lord: If there is a non unit on your side of the field, this unit cannot attack.

    Lore: With the battle growing fiercer and fiercer, Nyx has decided to enter the fray with the great amount of power she has obtained. She's still not on the level as she once was, but even now She's fierce in combat.

    Goddess of the Night, Nyx
    Atk: 11000
    Flavor: 'I am the Goddess of the Night. I fear no living being'

    Act: ((V)Limit Break 4) (Counterblast 2) Choose 1 Card on the opponents side field and one card in their hand. Bind them until the end of this turn.
    Cont:(v) If .'Savior of the night' is in your soul, this unit gains power +2000
    Cont: Lord

    Lore: The full power of the Goddess is unleashed, and the true might of the Dark Savior's is now revealed. Her troops rally behind her. Now that their Goddess is here, they need not fear defeat.

    Regent of the Darkness, Morgain
    Attack: 10000
    Flavor: 'To arms! The time for victory has come!”

    Auto: ®: When this unit attacks a vanguard, it gains Power +2000

    Lore: Morgain was the regent of the Dark Saviors. That is to say, he was in charge while Nyx was away. Ow, he's ready to fight the good fight.


    If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.

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    Re: Dark Saviors

    Post by Jig on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:30 pm

    This is a deck i would like to see for real. They introduced the binding zone in set 5 but so far only euryale and dark rex utilize it. Nice thoughts on it Rari ^^


    "people live to be manipulated, laws were made to be broken, money and power exist to corrupt the human mind, but when darkness falls all is for naught."


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    Re: Dark Saviors

    Post by SableEcho on Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:59 pm

    Wow really cool looking set you definitly put some thought into it.
    Wayfinder, Rarikou

    BP : 200
    Posts : 51
    Join date : 2012-12-03
    Age : 25

    Re: Dark Saviors

    Post by Wayfinder, Rarikou on Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:16 am

    Thanks to the both of you!


    If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.

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    Re: Dark Saviors

    Post by Sponsored content

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