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    round 2 Ryuga Vs Tyson

    Pale Twinz Zoe

    BP : 200
    Posts : 32
    Join date : 2012-12-30

    round 2 Ryuga Vs Tyson

    Post by Pale Twinz Zoe on Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:11 am

    Ok so this round is possibly the most difficult for you all to actually make a call on since they;re both pretty much the same kind of fighter.

    Ryuga Facts: Ryuga is a legendary blader and wielder of the left spinning meteo lightning L-drago (Final evolution), Ryuga rarely shows his opponents any mercy or a caring side unless the battle amuses him which very few bladers do. Ryuga;s nickname is the dragon emperor and when he merges his soul with L-drago's that is quite evident when his body changes into a dragons.

    Pros: Ryuga is calm and collected and shows an unyielding attitude when it comes to beyblading, giving his opponent little time to mount a defence or attack.

    Cons: The immense energy that using L-Drago needs means sometimes Ryuga is drained faster than most Beybladers.

    Tyson facts: Tyson is known as the worlds number one blader having won the world championships a total of 3 times both on his own and with his team, Tyson's beyblade galaxy dragoon metal storm is also a left spinning much like Ryuga;s L-drago. Tyson;s bond with Dragoon serves as a powerful advesary for most beybladers.

    Pros: Tyson's beyblading spirit is second to none which makes his bitbeast Dragoon more than a match for a god.

    Cons: Tyson is easy to anger which can make hinm lose focsu on the battle.

    Your blood my ecstasy, your pain my fantasy.

    I strive for something beyond the strongest, that the mere thought of challenging me would be considered a sin.
    D.D Trafalgar Law

    BP : 200
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    Age : 22
    Location : PA

    Re: round 2 Ryuga Vs Tyson

    Post by D.D Trafalgar Law on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:05 pm

    lol havnt seen this anime since i was like 10 but imma say tyson


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