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    Intergalatic Match ups who will win!!! Official NG guide and discussion


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    Intergalatic Match ups who will win!!! Official NG guide and discussion

    Post by Ventus on Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:14 am

    Welcome to the official Nova Grappler guide and discussion. This guide will be post in parts due to it being very large. In this guide i will be talking about combos, builds, cards and future cards. This OP is made from a competitive view point with 2 years of experience in vanguard. It is okay to disagree but general most people will agree with most cards. Now lets get started

    Part 1 Pros and Cons

    1. very aggresive
    2. many builds
    3. many plays
    4, fun to play
    5. easy to learn (does not take long to learn the concept)
    6. cards are cheap

    1. Small hands
    2. plays can be telegraphed
    3. playerbase is very low

    Thats it for pros and cons there are a few more i think but i cant remember them at the moment feel free to tell me.


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